Monday, March 14, 2016

Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon

In its price range ($40-$50 US), Four Roses Single Barrel is my favorite bourbon. And when you consider how many other great bourbons there are in that price range, that's saying a lot. Well, OK, it's not really saying a lot because 1) my bourbon experience is relatively limited, and 2) you have no reason to believe that my palate is all that refined. And, actually, it isn't. But, whatever... Four Roses Single Barrel is good stuff.

Distiller's Tasting Notes Here
Review by The Whiskey Jug Here

This bourbon is delicious. A mouthwatering sip that leaves me feeling impatient for the next mouthful. And, patient you must be because the finish on this one is a beaut. Four Roses bourbon is known for its delicate nature, and even at 100 proof, FRSB maintains that renowned smoothness. What impresses me so much about this whiskey is that it's all at once smooth, complex, and rich. Its uniqueness sets it apart from its rivals, of which there are many.

Soft and complex, leather, cherry, hickory, maple syrup and vanilla, slightly floral

Very consistent with the nose - cherry and barbecue sauce (hickory?), vanilla... sweet, then tangy, then spicy, absolutely luscious

Medium-long, spices linger, warming with sweetness persisting

Conclusion: Get yourself a bottle. Of each batch. Two of each.