Monday, April 11, 2016

Evan Williams 12 Year Old Bourbon

Apparently, Evan Williams 12 Year Old Bourbon is a distillery-only bottling in the U.S. and goes for around $130 in the gift shop. Having paid way too much on several occasions for bottles I was keen to try, I have a good idea of how it feels for most of those who pick this one up in Kentucky, get home, open it, drink a glass, and think, Man, this is good, only to then glance at the receipt and think, But, $130?!...

Ignoring the price, EW 12 is a very good bourbon. It takes a little time in the glass to open up, but when it does, it's a beauty. Now, I've never been to Kentucky, though I would love to visit some day, but I have picked up a few bottles of EW 12. And, I'll be buying many more over the years, if they remain available.

And, I'll be paying around $22 US per bottle because that's what it sells for here in Tokyo where it's widely available. It might not have the wax-dipped neck the distillery bottles have, but if I save $108, I can live without it.

Name: Evan Williams Aged 12 Years
Strength: 101 Proof - 50.5% ABV
SRP (Japan): $22 - $27 US


Subtle yet savory, slightly complex, hickory, vanilla, dark fruits and brown sugar

Sweet and spicy, cinnamon and clove, vanilla and salty caramel, lip-tingling

Longish with lingering spices and savory notes. Stays with you long after the glass becomes empty

Conclusion: I tried to think of just what this bottle would be worth to me if I weren't able to get it at such an excellent price here in Japan and I guessed around $40 US, tops. Of course, you never know what you'll pay until you're forced to make a decision, so take that with a grain of salt. At $22 a bottle, this is absolutely the best value in bourbon around for me, and considering my daily drinkers are typically $25 US and under, you can see how this one is easily my best daily-drinker bourbon.

If Evan Williams 12 Year ever becomes either overpriced or unavailable here in Tokyo, or I end up back in the US at some point, the loss of EW 12 as a daily drinker will go to the top of my list of whisk(e)y lamentations.

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